Saturday, May 24, 2014

Skore T20 League- Part 1

I generally see condom adverts around a couple making love in a car, or silhouettes of curvy females with lust. One of the better ways to integrate your brand into what consumers lap on to, is an interesting way of reaching out with meaning to your consumers. Skore Condoms has used the IPL bandwagon to get into the minds of the cricket loving Indian. The other natural brand fit is the format of T20, which is a quick bang bang format, not to different from how sex is perceived in its myriad "Sex Surveys". It seems like its designed for women, from the limited attempts that I played. It would have been great to have questions for the women as well, about men. That would have added an other quotient, in a 2 X 2 matrix, where men and women get to answer questions on the opposite gender and themselves!

The website is designed well, with the core element of gameplay being captured, with limited attention to consumers who may also want to purchase condoms online. The whole experience revolves around picking variants of a quiz game centred around foreplay and understanding a woman.

Last year's theme revolved around 'Pataoing' a woman, while this year's theme explores pleasure. So we have a change of avatar from Skore Patao League (SPL) to Skore Pleasure League.

The registration is simple, and quick, and one can get on to playing the game in a jiffy! The only headache in the registration is the placement of the "Sign up" button. Some times people end up typing an email and a password and end up clicking on sign up, since it visually suggests that this may be the flow. Do read my next post on how some of the games look like.

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