Sunday, June 8, 2014

Skore T20 League- Part 2

Now, Coming to the most interesting part, we review the games that are there as part of the SPL(Skore Pleasure League)

As with the 8 team IPL franchisee format, SPL has teams from various cities like the IPL. I chose to stick my fandom with the Chennai Team. No Dhoni or Mccullum here, but I don't mind imagining myself bludgeoning like Dhoni or Mccullum in the bed revelling either in a T20 shoot out, or a long innings.

Once I chose my team, it was now time to select the variant of the game, I wanted to play. I found it interesting and exciting that the team at SKORE carefully curated 8 variants of a simple quiz.

So, I started with "Read Between The Lines". A subject I never quite managed to understand with various women in my life, ranging from Mother, Sister and Wife.

It felt like I was playing in the IPL finals. Full of nerves, as I looked at each question, and tried guessing the answer.

The format was lovely and life like! You look at a woman's face and try and gauge her reaction. as they the devil lies in the details. I performed like I usually did with women. In IPL Parlance, I played like Dwayne Smith in the IPL final, terribly out of form and touch.

My scores showed! Maybe its time to test some of the other games! The first one was bad, as it usually is for Chennai in the IPL. Time to peak at the right moment and SKORE well!

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