Wednesday, March 16, 2016


One of the best recent trips I had was my mother. I've never been able to spend time with my mother over the years since, if I would be in a different city, and my mother would be in our home town. If I am at my hometown, I would be visiting friends. I had an opportunity to travel to Goa for a week, and I decided, maybe I should take my mother along and show her how beautiful Goa is in the monsoon.

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The Trip

My mother was initially surprised, and was looking forward to a relaxing trip by the rains and the beaches. I surprised her by asking her if she was ready to start on a 18 km trek along the railway track, and she said YES. I did not quite expect that. What followed was a lot of conversations with my mother, since I did not have access to mobile signals and other distractions.

I took my other out travelling on the last compartment of a goods train, and she loved the experience of the goods train travelling through tunnels. I never realised she had all the energy to trek 18 kilometres out of the blue. Maybe I had been under estimating the traveller in her.

And out of tunnels, with the rains and weather keeping us cool!

And took her to the beaches to quietly have a few conversations on rains, sand and Goa.

And walking all along from Kulem to Dudhsagar. 18 kilometres walking by a 60 year old lady, all for her adventurous son!

I am sending her a message through HDFC's memories for life for a contest on BlogAdda. You can do it to by getting started here.

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